Here are what some of the reviewers are saying about The Abduction

I just LOVE Chaudhuri's writing style. Chaudhuri has such a way of bringing her readers into the story and making it come alive. A riveting and twisting plot drive mystery that will keep you up late at night. Simply outstanding!

Sinfully Wicked book reviews

A.A Chaudhuri is definitely the new queen of legal thrillers.

Roger A. Price, ex-DI and bestselling author of the Badge and Pen series

Returning with a thrilling follow-up to her explosive debut novel, A.A Chaudhuri takes readers back into a world where the criminal elements are highly deceptive and calculating at the same time. Well-paced and full of excitement, A.A Chaudhuri knows how to pen a great thriller. Chaudhuri offers readers some great plot lines while pushing a strong narrative and unique characters.

Matt, Netgalley reviewer

I read most of The Abduction on the edge of my set. The writing is incredibly slick and I found it so easy to lose myself in the mystery.

Portable Magic Blog

I was constantly on edge regarding who did it. It was yet another Chaudhuri book that started out strong and kept the pace right down to the very last sentence.

Joyful Antidotes Blog

A brilliant example of British crime thriller writing at its best. Chaudhuri writes cleverly constructed and thought out criminal masterminds who are terrifyingly deceitful but often fit into everyday life naturally.

Herding Cats Blog

I absolutely loved The Scribe, it was one of the few most heart-racing thrillers that I read for a while, then in waltzed The Abduction and blew The Scribe so far out of the park! For me, AA has created a full-on home run of a thriller that had me gripping the book tightly, which saved my already bitten to low nails and left my heart with palpitations - the perfect state a thriller addict hopes to be left in when reading and finishing a highly anticipated read. The Abduction didn't disappoint and as you may have already been able to tell, it got all my stars and a well-deserved place in my bookish heart. It’s a damned perfect thriller: intense, fast-paced and shocking! Without doubt, a 5 star read for me!

BookObsessed/The Reading Closet