Here are what some of the reviewers say about Under Her Roof

‘Intense, intricate and packed with intrigue, Under Her Roof is a thrilling and addictive read.’

B.A. Paris, author of Behind Closed Doors and The Guest

‘The brilliant A.A. Chaudhuri with another thrilling read. This one is her best yet. Taut and intricately plotted with such exquisite writing. Characters that jump off the page. And a smouldering read. You know something is going to get you. You just don’t know what.’

Imran Mahmood, author of You Don’t Know Me

‘Under Her Roof is a compulsive thriller that crackles with a sense of menace. Tense, twisty, and gorgeously atmospheric, it pairs a gripping plot with dark, intricate themes. Money, class, sex and obsession are all used to expose the rot beneath the gloss of desirable London living.

Kia Abdullah, author of Those People Next Door

Under Her Roof is a spine-tingling, cerebral thriller packed with real psychological depth and a final twist that hits you like a gut-punch.’

Chris Merritt, author of Committed

‘Under Her Roof is a masterclass in suspense - I couldn’t put it down, and the twists will absolutely floor the reader.

Lisa Hall, author of Between You And Me

'Under Her Roof is one of the more unsettling thrillers I’ve read in a while. Its amazing and original setting creates that claustrophobic feeling of being watched. That, combined with the complex and dark characters, makes Under Her Roof impossible to put down. This is A.A. Chaudhuri’s best book yet. Highly recommended!'

Eva Bjorg Egisdottir, author of Girls Don’t Lie

‘A finely crafted thriller that darkened with every page until I realised the horrifying truth! Superb writing.’

Marion Todd, author of Bridges To Burn

‘I should know better than try to predict A. A. Chaudhuri’s endings. This spine-tingling masterpiece of a thriller has a perpetual creeping death vibe with more twists than an Alpine road. Chaudhuri’s talent for hooking the reader with ingenious plots and addictive characters is only surpassed by her ability to craft explosive, unguessable endings.'

Graham Bartlett, author of City On Fire

Under Her Roof is a gripping, voyeuristic page-turner with a chilling secret at its heart, from a hugely talented crime writer at the very top of their game.'

Howard Linskey, author of The Inheritance

'A dark, twisty, unputdownable thriller that will send your mind spinning. Truly sublime.'

BP Walter, author of The Dinner Guest

Simmering with tension and an underlying sense of danger, Under Her Roof is an addictive thriller with a jaw-dropping twist.’

Michael Wood, author of The DCI Matilda Darke thriller series

'A tense and atmospheric slow-burn thriller, perfectly plotted and with a brilliant twist – A.A. Chaudhuri at her absolute best.'

Catherine Cooper, author of The Island

Dark, gripping and smouldering – all at the same time! Intricately plotted and the twist flawed me. Under Her Roof plays on our worst fears of the Tenant/Landlord relationship.’

Ruth Kelly, author of The Escape

‘A razor-sharp thriller where the tension rises with every page. Beautifully dark and utterly compelling.’

Victoria Dowd, author of The Smart Woman’s Guide to Murder

A deliciously horrible sensation of being watched – character with secrets, paradise despoiled – UNDER HER ROOF is grippingly twisty.’

Greg Mosse, author of Murder at Bunting Manor

Even though I was waiting for the twists, they still blindsided me.’

David Beckler, author of The Antonia Conti thriller series

'A nail biting, claustrophobic thriller with a plot that will give you shivers, and a twist that will blow your mind.’

Sarah Clarke, author of The Ski Trip

‘Another spectacular triumph for A.A. Chaudhuri - creepy, sinister, compelling - this is a taut, gripping page-turner with an unguessable twist.

Lucy Martin, author of Stop At Nothing

‘A brilliant afternoon of escape reading. What a taut, intelligent and thought-provoking thriller! I was guessing right until the finale! Five stars from me.’

Louise Beech, author of End of Story

‘A.A Chaudhuri’s darkest novel yet. Made me lock the door twice.’

Jacqueline Sutherland, author of The Coffin Club

A compelling and terrifying psychological thriller with a twisty, dark plot, guaranteed to shock the reader with its spine-chilling denouement. It is the definition of a page-turner!'

Danielle Ramsay, author of The Perfect Husband

A darkly addictive and unputdownable thriller, it kept me guessing, I loved it!

Jane Isaac, author of One Fatal Secret

'A compelling psychological thriller that kept me second guessing myself throughout. And when the twists came - wow! I had no idea! Fantastic storytelling from A.A. Chaudhuri.'

Joy Kluver, author of Last Seen

‘A. A. Chaudhuri has really pulled it out of the bag with her latest twisty & compelling psychological thriller, Under Her Roof! I was gripped from the start to the explosive finish. The characters were fascinating, the writing flawless and the story was one that will stay with me for a long time to come! Utterly fantastic! Everything I have come to expect from an A. A. Chaudhuri.’

Christie J. Newport, author of The Ordinary Man.

Reader Reviews

  • Absolutely unmissable!
  • A spine-tingling thriller!
  • Had me hooked from the very first page!
  • A gripping tale filled with twists and turns that kept me eagerly turning the pages.
  • Fraught with tension and mystery.
  • The pacing is relentless
  • A thrilling and satisfying conclusion that left me breathless.
  • A thrilling read!
  • An amazing book!
  • Couldn’t put it down!
  • Some really crazy twists and turns!
  • Some shocking moments!
  • It kept me captivated
  • A. Chaudhuri pens another winner with this story
  • Chaudhuri does a masterful job
  • Wow, talk about a crazy end reveal!
  • a brilliant story and very cleverly written
  • A whopper of a plot twist
  • Had me gripped throughout
  • I am still reeling from this book!
  • an intoxicating thriller
  • Chills you even before any questions are answered
  • Sizzling & suspense-filled
  • Gripping and dark
  • A. Chaudhuri is ALWAYS my psychological thriller go-to