Here are what some of the reviewers say about The Final Party

The Final Party is the best kind of psychological thriller - compelling, accomplished and atmospheric. Superbly paced and plotted, I raced through it. A. A. Chaudhuri has rapidly established herself as a crime writer to watch. Recommended.'

M.W. Craven

A hugely addictive, pacy and consuming thriller with a delicious cast of characters that kept me guessing (and turning pages) right up to the incredible conclusion.'

Gytha Lodge

Thrilling twists, terrific characters and a settling to die for. The Final Party is a thoroughly gripping ride!'

B.P Walter

A compelling page turner with a gasp around every corner. If you’re looking for a holiday read this May, then this is the perfect unravelling of a friendship built on secrets and lies'

Lauren North

'Do not miss your invitation to The Final PartyDark deeds, gorgeous Italian scenery and secrets aplenty... I was totally gripped!'

Louise Mumford

'A gripping, intricately plotted thriller about the dark side of friendship, packed with secrets and lies that will keep you hooked until the very last page.'

Lucy Martin

'Draws you into a dark web of secrets and lies that unravel with exquisite timing in a beautiful setting.'

Sarah Clarke

'The Secret History meets The Holiday, only darker, sexier and absolutely crammed full of twists and suspense. It’s a big, fat 5 stars from me.'

Lisa Hall

'A darkly addictive thriller set amidst a gorgeous Italian backdrop, I absolutely loved The Final Party by AAChaudhuri. 5 sparkling stars from me!'

Jane Issac

'A dark and twisty read full of secrets, set against a stunning Amalfi Coast background where everyone has secrets and no one can be trusted.'

Catherine Cooper

'The most well plotted and expertly told thriller I've read in years...a masterpiece of deception, betrayal and murder that will astound you till the very last page.' 

Graham Bartlett

'A dark, captivating and sumptuous read.'

Julie-Ann Corrigan

'A slick and twisty thriller'

Jacqueline Sutherland

'A tortuous web of secrets and lies – I could not put it down'

Marion Todd

'A taut, dark thriller that is fabulously alluring and atmospheric. Utterly captivating writing!'

Victoria Dowd

'A really tense read that kept me guessing all the way to the end.

Tariq Ashkani

Netgalley Reviewers

  • Heart pounding thriller that left me on the edge of my seat. Definitely one of the best books this year.
  • I enjoyed The Final Party so much that I absolutely must read everything she’s written!
  • I’m a big fan of psychological thrillers, and this is without doubt one of the best I’ve read. Talk about addictive.
  • I finished it in two sittings, and genuinely couldn’t bear to put my Kindle down until I’d read just one more chapter. It’s full of crazy twists, sharp turns, and more shocking revelations than you can imagine, even right to the very last page.
  • Wow, it certainly didn’t disappoint. There are so many twists! I was sure I had guessed it a few times but then it took me by surprise again. A great read that I’d recommend.
  • This book had me on the edge of my seat. There were so many twists! I’m looking forward to reading more books by A.A. Chaudhuri!
  • Wow what a story! So many twists and turns I did not see the ending. Fantastically written and brilliant characters. I really warmed to the characters and wanted to see what happened. A lovely backdrop with a thrilling end
  • Twist after twist after twist…I couldn’t put this down! A great setting in a luxurious villa in Sorrento. Six compelling characters, each with an explosive secret. Highly recommended
  • The setting was great - I love a book set abroad and the writing style was really nice to read and the plot held my interest and there were lots of twists and turns to the story.
  • This was a real page-turner!
  • This is a great thriller. You don’t guess the twist at the end which is always a win in my book. You can feel the tension between the characters and really feel what is going on during this trip.
  • Wow, this book! Little by little we learn the secrets that everyone is fighting to keep. I loved how everything was teased out. The final twist I never saw coming. Loved this book, highly recommend.
  •  I didn’t see any of the twists coming. Beautifully & brilliantly written. It’s my first book by A.A. Chaudhuri but won’t be my last.
  • An autobuy author for me who once again did not disappoint. Compulsively readable and inventive. Flawlessly paced and the ending not predictable. Wonderful.
  • A beautifully plotted and engaging thriller, the setting for the story - Sorrento in summer added to the claustrophobia of the novel perfectly.
  • First book I have read by A.A. Chaudhuri, and it certainly won’t be the last. The story completely sucks you in, with all the various twists and turns, and the characters were all drawn beautifully. I started this book on a Friday and spent most of the weekend trying to get periods of rest, so that I could continue reading. The final denouement was superb. Highly recommended.
  • Boy oh boy this one was such a page turner! So many twists and lies. I absolutely loved everything about this book. I would have finished in one sitting, but as usual life gets in the way. Personally, up to this point, this has probably been the best action-packed book I've had from here.
  •  I loved the book. The author weaves together a unique book with plenty of twists to keep you hooked up. I would recommend this book as a good read and would definitely read any further books written by this author.
  • I absolutely loved this one! This book threw in twists I absolutely did not see coming!
  • Nerve racking, fast paced, beautiful writing. This book has everything I could ever ask in a murder mystery. The tension was palpable, it gave me anxiety (in a good way). I couldn’t put it down, I was incredibly invested in the plot and the secrets. An end I never saw coming.
  • A gripping psychological thriller that transports readers to the luxurious town of Sorrento in southern Italy.
  • This thriller had me hooked from the start. I never saw that twist coming! The tension between the characters was palpable and I was fully immersed in the story. I could feel the intensity of the trip and the events that unfolded. Chaudhuri's writing style is vivid and descriptive, bringing the characters and setting to life.
  • So many secrets so many twists and turns and the ending with the final twist was excellent did not see that coming at all. Will definitely be recommending this book, a fantastic thriller.
  • What a mind twister 🤯 This really does keep you guessing and trying to figure out who did what all the way through, right up until the end. Quite a few chapters ended on a cliffhanger making me want to read the next and the next. I would recommend this if you enjoy thrillers with twists or any of A.A.Chaudhuri books.
  • The suspense was great and it was a well-written book that kept me intrigued and at a fairly quick pace.
  • Wow what a book thank you ever so much for the opportunity to review. I could not put it down. Would definitely recommend to others.
  • What,a fantastic book!!!! So many twists,in this, had to devour it in 2 days ....very very good author will read more 🙂 amazing I'd give 100 out of 100 lol 🙂
  • This novel grabbed and held my interest while keeping me on the edge of my seat.
  • This book was the perfect cross between The Holiday, Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six and Friends Like These. It kept me on the edge of my seat trying to figure out what they did in college and who the killer is and why the first victim was chosen.
  • I absolutely loved this gripping thriller! It was fast paced, and it was unputdownable. I could not get enough. I love books like this. This was one of the best thrillers I've read this year.
  • This was the first book I have read from this author and I must tell you, it has left me hankering to read more of her books. This was such a fast paced and twisty book that I just wanted to keep on reading till the last page.
  • I literally flew through this one. There are twists & surprises at every turn, and one is left gasping for the reveals.
  • A compelling and wholly engaging whodunit with a deftly drawn cast populating a plot bubbling with tension, resplendent with red herrings and searing with shocks. Atmospheric and menacing right up to the, perhaps, unexpected and explosive denouement.
  • This book had me gripped from the first page. The book kept you guessing what had happened and who was the killer and why.  Kept building the suspense till the final pages.
  • A well-written book that reveals twist after twist until the very end.
  • Another incredible read by the talented A.A. Chaudhuri! This is written by one of my favourite authors and I especially loved that this story was told from six characters point of view. It was thrilling throughout and kept me guessing until the very end. Highly recommend!
  • A juicy read, full of twists and turns. Definitely will be reading more from this author!
  • The Final Party by A.A. Chaudhuri is an absolutely phenomenal thriller among the top ones I have ever read!
  • The book holds revelation after revelation, peeling back the layers of secrets and lies slowly and inexorably, and once you think all has been exposed, the shocks keep on coming, beyond the point where a reader would expect any revelations to remain.
  • This book is absolutely brilliant in its compelling style, its complicated characters, its intricate plot, and its shocking conclusion, and it keeps you turning the pages in fascination to the very end. Would make an excellent thriller series on one of the streaming services.
  • A fast-paced, always surprising to the last page story! The Final Party has layers upon layers upon layers of reveals. Most are not predictable, and some are rather shocking. A.A. Chaudhuri has written an intense thriller that keeps the reader guessing to the end.
  • A great psychological read!!
  • A perfect holiday buy for fans of dark, twisty and gripping reads.
  • Omg, what a brilliant thriller. This history absorbed me completely. Reading this book, I felt almost like a detective who interrogates witnesses and builds a reconstruction of events from their testimonies/memories. It was a really great read.
  • Full of twists and turns and countless revelations.
  • This book was so fun and twisty. I loved it. There was so much drama it definitely kept me on the edge of my seat and wanting to know what would happen next.
  • I really enjoyed this book. I absolutely was not expecting the ending and it surprised me. I definitely recommend this book.
  • This was suspenseful and I didn't see the twist coming.
  • This book has twists and turns coming out of every end! I found myself captivated with the various narrators and their connections to one another.
  • Gripping summer read!
  • It is absolutely amazing! Once I started I reading I hated putting this book down and hated when it ended! This author is a gem!
  • A fast paced, twisty psychological thriller which I really enjoyed.
  • This was such a GREAT read!!!!! The first twist, I literally had my jaw drop to the floor!!!! The second twist was like WHAT?????????? I absolutely Loved the plot and the feeling that I was right there on their trip with them. I cannot say enough about this book, I’m so jealous of all of you who will be reading it because I didn’t want it to end.
  • Once again Chaudhuri delivers a thrilling tale that had me caught up in its many secrets, lies and deceit and I had so much fun in uncovering them all. I enjoyed the duel timelines and how it all came together, which did so with plenty of shocks and brilliant twists making for another fabulous read all round!
  • There were so many twists and turns that I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Add a beautifully described scenery and twisted, but loveable characters to the story and I’m sold. I’ll definitely check out other works by this author.
  • I just LOVE a book full of secrets and there are so many in A. A. Chaudhuri’s THE FINAL PARTY that I lost count.
  • This was a book that I COULD NOT PUT DOWN and as I was furiously turning the pages, I was dreading knowing that sooner or later it had to end. And the shocking final twist was unbelievable. No one’s secrets came out quite the way they thought they would! How did the author come up with all of this. What kind of devious mind…?
  • This was my first A. A. Chaudhuri thriller but it will definitely NOT be my last. This would make a great beach read but make sure you slather on enough sunscreen and that you’re not responsible for watching the kids because you aren’t going to be able to look away from this one! A PERFECT BOOK! 5+
  • I really enjoyed this tense psychological thriller. I am a big fan of A.A. Chaudhuri’s books and this one didn’t disappoint.
  • This is my first book that I've read by this author and it won't be me last. I loved this book so much!
  • A cracking thriller/mystery!