5 stars. This was my favourite story in the collection. It has so much intrigue, a lot of twists and kept you guessing

I enjoyed this story immensely!

Gripping, very good

I was hooked. Some clever twists.


Best one so far, was gripped.

The best one so far.

I enjoyed this story immensely! Brilliant author I remember reading last year with The Pigeonhole.

Great story.

I enjoyed that. Good twist.

Best one so far, really enjoyed the twist at the end.

Well written. Good ending.

I really enjoyed this. I’m glad it wasn’t a longer story over 10 days as I wouldn’t be able to stand the wait!

ooh, that was good.

Great story, my favourite so far!

Really enjoyed that. Could even make a full novel out of it with a different ending.

Gripping storyline. Definitely the best so far.

Really enjoyable and well written. Fabulously done.

I was hooked from the beginning. Excellent read.

ooooh great short story.

Some clever twists. I enjoyed reading it.

Really enjoyed this story.

Enjoyed that – well written with a neat twist.


Best story so far. Really enjoyed this one.

Very readable with a good sharp twist.

I enjoyed that and the ending was a good twist.

Enjoyed it and kept me guessing.