Interviewed by Danielle Price

August 2020 interview

What a pleasure it was to be interviewed by brilliant book blogger, Danielle Price, for her website. Huge thanks to her for asking such fun and interesting questions and for her lovely comments too! 🥰

So let’s welcome Alex to the Q&A sofa today and jump straight in – starting with the quick round, because it’s fun and I want to see how many authors corner book pages like me!
Let’s start with a bit of either or:

Tea or Coffee?
Tea! It’s funny, because before I had kids, I was a hands-down coffee addict, but my taste buds completely changed after I had them and now I can’t function in the morning without two mugs of Tetley!
That’s kids for you, come in and turn your taste buds upside down! At least you swapped it for the best tea!

Morning bird or Night owl?
For writing, definitely morning bird!

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