Reviews for my first book The Scribe

Chaudhuri is so descriptive in her writing where I felt like every paragraph just jumped off the page. I don't see this kind of writing very often. The Scribe is exhilarating, gripping and so refreshing in the thriller genre. >>Read more

Sinfully wicked book reviews

The scribe was the perfect balance of thrill and blood. You’re completely and utterly kept in the dark, gripped until it’s time for the big reveal. A.A’s attention to detail is phenomenal. I adore Carver & Kramer. >>Read more

Book Obssessed

Fast and furious this book may be, but it’s also clever. AA Chaudhuri is highly skilful in placing crucial detail in the narrative. Be prepared to go to bed very, very late every night while you’re reading it – because I guarantee, you won’t want to stop. >> Read more

Nic Perrins

The Scribe is one of those books which makes you doubt every character involved. It has jaw-dropping paragraphs and a clever twist which makes or breaks a psychological thriller. I found it very difficult to put down. >> Read more


I loved that they brought in a "civilian" to help them. The pace was great and the characters well developed and quite complex in their different personalities. Highly entertaining!

Donna's bookblog

The Scribe is full of tension. I was often on tenterhooks.

Bantam Bookworm

Whether a series will work so often depends on the pairing and Chaudhuri has given herself the bet chance by introducing us to Kramer & Carver.


The author takes the pain, helplessness, and anger that a person understandably feels when preyed upon and makes it darker and dangerous.


I loved this original debut thriller. Highly recommended.