An Insight into A.A. Chaudhuri’s new thriller ‘The Final Party.’

1.  The Final Party centres on three couples gathering in a luxury villa high in the hills above the chic town of Sorrento, Italy, for the perfect 40th birthday celebration. Before the week is out one of them in dead, and their perfect reunion quickly becomes the holiday from hell when one of the group starts receiving anonymous messages, threatening to expose a dark secret from their university days.

2.  I’ve always wanted to write a thriller set abroad, particularly somewhere I’m familiar with because it’s lovely to be able to use my own experience of a setting to convey that unique sense of authenticity. It’s also nice to think I’ve transported my readers away from mundane reality to a beautiful location, especially in the colder months when we’re all feeling the winter blues and desperate for an escape to somewhere hot and heavenly.

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