Press release – A for Authors Agency Ltd


Delighted and excited to announce that A.A. Chaudhuri's debut thriller, THE SCRIBE has been sold to James Faktor, Publisher at Endeavour Media, for publication in July 2019. THE SCRIBE features beautiful, go-getting lawyer, Madeline Kramer, who has come a long way since losing her parents in a car accident aged nine. Raised by her grandmother, she has a flourishing career at top City law firm, Channing & Barton, and a tight-knit group of friends. But when a colleague and former classmate of hers – ruthlessly ambitious trainee, Sarah Morrell, - is found shot dead in a meeting room, her chest inscribed with “Contract”, Maddy’s ordered life is turned upside down.
It's a race against time as the bodies stack up and Maddy must deal with personal loss, unscramble complex riddles, and put her own life, and the lives of others, on the line. The action crescendos to a thrilling conclusion and final twist.

Source: A for Authors Agency Ltd, 17th November 2018

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